Tuesday, April 26, 2011

masculine vs. feminine.

since matt and i moved into our 2 bedroom condo last april we continually have the same conversation, is our place more masculine vs. feminine? when i came across this post on erin ever after i breathed a sigh a relief, we aren't the only ones who continually have this debate. to me style isn't about either but a unique blend that pulls it all together making the space completely yours. to matt who fears pastels, flowers and any of the odds and ends i place on the bookshelves "just for decoration"function is key and style comes second. we now face this great debate again as we transition our guest bedroom into an office/den, over the past year we have slowly blended our two styles to make our home just right and i am sure our office with turn out the same. stay tuned i will post pictures when it is finally complete.

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