Monday, July 25, 2011

project organize: update.

happy monday all! since it was unbearably hot outside this weekend on friday i took a trip to the container store which is organization heaven in my mind and picked up some essentials for organizing our kitchen "junk drawer" and office/guest room closet. 

i began with the more manageable project of the drawer in the kitchen on friday and think it came out great. everything has a compartment now! i meant to take a before picture but was so eager to get started i completely forgot (but it was your typical drawer filled with everything and anything that didn't have a home). i used this kit from the container store and once i got a hang of the measuring and cutting went together quickly. my advice would be to plan everything out first before starting.  what do you need compartments for? how many compartments would you like? etc.
finished "junk drawer"
on saturday, next up was the closet.  matt got a jump start on me and emptied the closet before i could take my true before pictures of the full closet but i did get some once it was emptied and the old shelf and hanging bar had been removed (which we guessed was original).

empty closet before paint
this picture really doesn't do the gross interior justice, again we don't think the closet had been painted since the place was first built. it was showing its age.

painter matt and project manager buckley
a fresh coat of white paint was a must, buckley supervised the project for the morning.
buckley wondering why i am not working, he runs a tight ship.
after we finished painting i was in shock at how much better the closet looked already. it is amazing how paint alone cane make such a difference.
freshly painted
 once the paint dried we were ready to start installing our this ClosetMaid system we had picked up at our local home improvement store the night before. we ended up getting this one because once we use it for awhile and decide how we like it, we can add and remove shelves and adjust the distance between shelves easily.
full closet

new shelving

i also bought a few archive boxes at the container store on friday and plan on going back and buying a bunch more now that the closet system is in and i have a better idea of what needs a home.

i would say this closet is still in progress, since taking these photos we added an iron/ ironing board mount to the far right wall, put the doors back on the closet, and began adding things back into the closet. i still want to get an ironing board cover, organize the files, get more archive boxes, set up a wireless printer in the closet (and get the old on out from under the desk) and find something to hold wrapping paper.

hope you enjoyed seeing our projects! have a wonderful monday!

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  1. Nice job! impressed with Buckley's supervision and quality control. Matthew was a good worker. Buck, Iwould keep Matt on your crew!