Thursday, August 4, 2011

buckley's birthday: three years old

happy 3rd birthday buckley! our little man isn't just a pet to us, he is truly part of our family. he does everything with us and when he can't be with us, we talk about him like he is a person at home hanging out. usually the conversations go like this, me to matt- "what do you think buckley is doing?" matt- "probably hanging out or having friends over, we really need to get that little guy a cell phone."

in honor of our baby buckley, here is a recap of his past three years. i am sure his next three will be just as wild.

this photo was sent to us from the breeder in idaho, it was love at first sight.

picking buckley up at national airport was the scariest thing for matt and i. luckily is flight was on time and matt and i were there waiting when he came off the flight. i took this photo right after getting him back to my apartment, they were bonding.

father and son cuddling in bed, buckley was about four months here.

matt's mom got me a running stroller so i could run with buckley. she had to buy a baby stroller since buckley was over the weight limit for dog strollers. 

buckley taught himself to skateboard when he was about a year. he will skateboard for hours if you let him.

that is matt and i holding him steady. he loves the water, not so much when he is in a baby tube though.

a happier buckley on his raft, watching everyone in the water.

though he isn't allowed to "climb" on top of the furniture he does, and he looks so cute. don't get me wrong, we do allow him on the couch, but he is supposed to just sit not climb on it like a wild animal.

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