Thursday, September 8, 2011

travel prep chaos.

it is seriously one of those days. it is now going on three straight days of rain. with flooding throughout the dc metro area, this morning i woke up to find my car with a flat tire. i am shocked i didn't freak out and act like the world was ending.  i am one of those crazy people, that before they travel anywhere, even for just a night everything has to be perfect before i leave. i have to clean the entire house, wash the sheets, reorganize the fridge (ahhmmm...matt didn't notice the beer nicely lined up in rows?!?!) not to mention pack and get myself organized to leave (a flat tire was not on my "list" of things to do before i left). i just have this thing, that everything has to be in order, so when i come home there is order from the chaos of traveling. so, wouldn't it be my luck to walk out of my car this morning, on another rainy morning, to a flat tire. i really need to take a cue from buckley and just learn to chill. do you have any routines prior to traveling? i would love to know i am not the only one : )

since i am traveling for work, my posts will be limited, hopefully i can pre-write a few tonight to hold everyone over. if not, i will share all my photos of alcatraz, the golden gate bridge and all the other wonderful sites i WILL make time to see why i am on the west coast.

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