Monday, September 26, 2011

weekend recap

happy monday! i hope everyone had a great weekend. i had a pretty eventful weekend, here are a few highlights (and of course i am starting with food).

since friday was miserable weather wise and we both had a long week, we opted to stay in and hang out with buckley.  we made home made pizza in the oven, which was our best work yet.

i use a special pizza sheet pan, that crisps the crust to perfection. the key is to let the oven preheat for about 30 minutes at 450 degrees F.

besides watching a movie, this little gnocchi provided the entertainment.  of all his toys he needed to find the perfect why not just put your entire head in the toy basket?

and again so you get the full effect. did i mention that he cries and throws the other toys out of the way, why he searches for the one he is looking for. not spoiled at all...

on saturday we headed south to williamsburg to visit matt's brother and go to the jmu vs. william and mary football game. luckily, the rain held off for most of the day (we weren't so lucky once the game started though), so we were able to stroll through campus. (pictures courtesy of my blackberry)

and of course we stopped off for some essentials before heading into the game.

and the weekend would not have been complete without heading to a bridal tea at the ritz carlton with my maid of honor which was fabulous. the tea was delicious, food adorable, and desserts to die for. i wish i had snapped a few pictures, but something felt weird about wiping out my camera at the ritz. so you will just have to take my word for it.

did you do anything exciting over the weekend? 

hope you have a fabulous monday!

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