Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{weekend recap} carving our way through october.

happy tuesday! it is almost the shortest weeks, that take the longest to go by.  i am counting the minutes left in my work week until wednesday afternoon, when i can kick off my mini-vaca to alabama to visit my parents. in the meantime, what better way to pass the time then to recap a few highlights from our weekend. since i won't be in northern virginia for halloween it was great to be able to celebrate a little early.

saturday i woke up and got baking, well kind of...

the result these delicious creations


i made these unbelievable semi-homemade treats for a pumpkin carving party later that afternoon. and the sugar must have worked because we carved our hearts out.

 matt's pumpkin (left) mine right

 group pumpkin shot, clearly matt and i bought the biggest pumpkins imaginable.

and after carving all these pumpkins, of course first thing sunday morning i had to make these

i love fall! stay tuned i will back later this week with recipes! what have you been doing to take advantage of the season?

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