Tuesday, December 13, 2011

10 reasons buckley is best.

1. his intelligence. don't let the wrinkles and half open eyes fool you, he is no fool. he knows what is going on around him even when he is snoring on the couch. when i mention to matt about giving buckley a bath, he will instantly wake up and trot down the hall to the bedroom before i can blink. i have resorted to spelling words like "b-a-t-h", "c-l-e-a-n his wrinkles" so he can't understand. if he starts learning to spell, we have issues.

2. his athleticism. you may think those short little legs, stocky shoulders, and large head are not the best makings for an athlete, but you are very wrong. our buckley enjoys frisbee, soccer and football, or any game that involves a ball really. but his true loves are skate boarding and lacrosse, and will even steal skateboards from any stranger. i think he gets it from matt.

3. his freckles. i actually asked matt the other day which one of buckleys spots was his favorite. he refused to answer. but mine are the dark brown spots on his chest you barely notice unless he has been wading in his baby pool or gotten a recent "b-a-t-h". oh and you can't forget those pants he sports daily.

4. his sounds. the noises he makes need no explanation for those who have been around him. he talks to matt and i, and has been known to throw a temper-tantrum or two in his day. he knows what he wants, and isn't afraid to demand it! i like to say he sounds like an ewok or chewbacca, we would be billionaires if we could only get him to talk on single.

5. his snuggliness. he is such a cuddle bug, and will cuddle with me in the car, in bed, on the coach any wear is game, and as long as it is a warm body he is not picky. pretty scandalous stuff people. but i am a big baby about cuddling with buck, and get upset when he gets mad and holds out cuddle time.

6. his arm pits. i have a thing for his arm pits. his fur where is front legs meet his body is like peach fuzz. they are the softest part on his body and when we are cuddling on the couch and frequently play with them. i know it is weird. but i always tell people to feel how soft they are, few people believe me.

weird i know.

7. his sleeping schedule. buckley sleeps 85% percent of the time, what a life. if it was up to him he would sleep until noon every day, at which time he would get out of bed, walk into the living room and climb up on the couch and claim his "spot" on the couch (and if someone is sitting there, he will yell and push them until they move). he will stay in said spot until matt or i get home from work, wake up for a game of frisbee and plant himself back on the couch or in his "man cave" under the bed until it is time for bed.

if only we all lived his life.

8. his pliability. the little man has lots of extra skin to go around. and i am constantly playing, molding and forming his rolls of skin. he tolerates it to a point and then will run off to his "man cave" to get away from his crazy mom.

9. he is a sunbaby. one of the traits he gets from me, he loves the sun. and will lay in the sun on the weekends and just chill. of course he does have sensitive skin and frequently burns his precious little arm pits, but the pure bliss on his face while he takes in the warm rays of the sun makes me smile.

10. road trip warrior. buckley was made for me, we are on the same page when it come to road trips, we are strictly business, load into the car around 4:00 am  and we go. we stop only when absolute necessary and we frequently talk about the weather, and point out the scenery to each other. he plays it cool when i happen to get pulled over, and does his best to charm the officers.

clearly i just love our buckley, but i ama clearly also biased but i think most who have met him would agree he is pretty awesome.

on a serious note, matt and i did tons of research before settling on getting buckley from a breeder in idaho, who only breeds on occasion. we did have to fly him delta to us from idaho, but i do not recommend flying bulldogs or any dog if you don't have to. bulldogs in particular are high risk dogs when flying and many airlines will no longer fly them.

having a bulldog for us has been the best experience ever, we are so lucky to have a healthy little guy, who makes us laugh daily. we both love the breed so much, that we have agreed to always have at least one bulldog in the future. once you go bulldog you will never go back.

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