Monday, December 19, 2011

spreading christmas cheer.

5 days and counting till christmas arrives and boy does it finally feel like christmas around here! we had a whirlwind weekend here, a few highlights include, a fabulous thai dinner with friends on friday, followed by a few drinks, saturday we headed to alexandria for an amazing dinner with matt's family and on sunday we went to church with my amazing best friend and enjoyed a champagne brunch afterword.

{editorial comment: i know i used the word amazing an insane amount of times, but honestly we are so luck to so many wonderful people in our lives, and being surrounded by  friends and family makes christmas time so much more meaningful}.

after one more dinner tonight with a friend i will be happy to report, we were able to make time to get together with all of our loved ones in virginia before leaving bright and early on wednesday morning for alabama.

i know it may seem like a given to get together with friends and family at the holidays, but i feel like with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and all the obligations it is sometimes hard to make time to spend quality time with family and friends. especially because i am completely guilty of disappearing during the work week and then wanting to just relax at home on the weekends.

i even managed to squeezed in a few hours of baking on sunday, while matt went to the bar to watch the redskins game. though i only got through about half of the cookies recipes i intended to because when you have only one oven and are trying to bake tons of cookies, the limited oven spaces definitely slows down the process (hopefully i can squeeze a few more batches in tomorrow).

here is a sneak peak at the three recipes i knocked out yesterday afternoon, and the adorable packaging i made out of traditional brown sandwich bags, the free label download was courtesy of thirty handmade days, jump over here to download yours.

 soft gingersnaps.

traditional chocolate chip.

peanut butter cup cookies.

the only thing i love more than baking is sharing what i bake. and luckily for me no one turns down cookies, because we have tons!

i plan on sharing these recipes and more through out this week, so stop back over! i hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season!

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