Monday, January 16, 2012

happy MLK day!

happy MLK day and happy monday! i am jealous of everyone who got to sleep in this morning, the only good part about having to work on a holiday in northern virginia is no traffic. which is pretty amazing.

weekend update on the wedding front, we did get tons and tons of wedding stuff done. and i was thrilled with how all of our appointments turned out. i have officially checked off ordering the cake, deciding on ceremony music and picking out our wedding bands from our "to do" list.

progress makes me so happy!

around the house, i didn't get to tackle anything with our entry besides going to browse and look at a few possible pieces on friday after work at west elm. i have a few ideas of what i want to do, but am not sure the right pieces just yet.

we did organize our storage unit in the basement, so we could clear out a bunch of the wedding boxes that have been overtaking our guest room and move them safely down there. since we have been traveling so much and not hosting out of town guests, are guest room ended up storing wedding stuff galore and christmas presents that hadn't found a home yet. with my parents coming this weekend, we had not choice but to buckle down and find everything a proper home.

overall, it was a great weekend and it was nice to spend a productive weekend at home.

i am super excited for my parents coming to town this weekend. we have a few family things to do, a wedding appointment and then matt and i are planning a fun little saturday of good wine and food.

now i just need it to be thursday!

enjoy your monday! especially for those of you who are lucky enough to still be relaxing at home right now!

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