Thursday, January 5, 2012

the versatile blogger.

wahoooo it is thursday! the work week after a long and in my case very long time off is never easy. and after waking up this morning feeling slightly under the weather i am happy this week is coming to a close.

but on to more important things. last week i was lucky enough to receive the versatile blogger award from a high school from erin over at pleasanties & pit bulls for a versatile blogger award. erin has a fantastic blog which documents her life in new york city, her post law school life and love for cooking, baking, all things crafty and her love for her pit bull. i recommended jumping on over and checking out her blog!

in staying true to the award, i am supposed to share 7 things you don't know about me, or at least may not know. which was actually a lot harder for me to think of then i thought it would be, but without further ado... 7 things you don't know about me:
  1. i competitively rode morgan horses for over 6 years when i was younger and we actually owned two morgans in connecticut.
  2. i played the oboe in elementary school (i know embarrassing, and i have not musical ability at all)
  3. i broke my shoulder in 2008 after attempting to pick up my sister while visiting her in montana. (it is the only bone i have ever broken)
  4. i am obsessed with house shopping, so much in fact i could tell you every house for sale in a 5 mile radius of where we live and plan on getting my real estate license in the fall. (i don't know if i will ever use it professionally, but plan on using it personally to sell our condo when the time is right)
  5. i have bad depth perception and though i have never hit another car, i frequently hit other objects (poles, walls, garage...)
  6. i don't have a favorite color. there are so many amazing colors, i don't know how anyone could choose just one.
  7. i am OCD about cleaning and organizing things. 
and to pass along the love, i would have to recognize:

the fitnessista
gina's blog documents her life as a military wife, soon to be mom, fitness instructor, and self taught health guru. how she seamlessly incorporates her passion of staying fit and eating healthy into her busy life amazes me. she is inspiration.

the engaged life
kaitlyn's (yes, her name is the same as mine so maybe i am bias) blog gives you a glimpse into her life, from moving to new city in florida, planning her wedding, and her love for all things monogrammed and cute. her blog is peppy casual and light hearted.

check back tomorrow when i addressed those changes you may have been noticing around the couture life.

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