Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{diy} anthropogie must have.

happy tuesday! how was your night? mine was spent painting trim. not fun. and watching acaltraz (amazing show) so it wasn't all work.  but good news, i mentioned yesterday here i decided to use the new glidden door and trim paint. so far, i LOVE it. i started on the back of the door, figuring if i hated it, completed messed up at least it would be out of sight (out of sight = out of mind). but i loved it so much, i quickly moved on the the baseboards. i hope to finish up tonight and share pictures with everyone thursday!

because i already don't have too much going on, i am adding another quick project to the mix. this baby.

jessica over at the morning letters. is genius! seriously i love you. i have this thing for big necklaces. i love need them. i have tons and i need more. so this time rather than rush over to anthrolopogie to spend a small fortune on another statement necklace, i am making my own this time (with a little help/inspiration from jessica).

i hope to share my own creation in all its glory next week. wish me luck!

have you ever made jewelry before? was it a hit or miss?


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