Thursday, May 17, 2012

honeymoon style.

happy thursday! over the past month i have been looking, and looking for clothes for our honeymoon. we are going to jamaica for 10 days. so i need LOTS of options and i wanted bright beachy clothes.

living next to the biggest mall on the east coast should make shopping easy.... should being the key word. it sounds easy but not so much, after looking and looking i kept turning up empty. though i wanted to get stuff i loved, with everything that goes into a wedding, there is little money leftover for wardrobe.

luckily for me my fiance spoils me, and let me cash in some of his american express points for piperlime gift cards. here are my favorite purchases.

Honeymoon Style

Honeymoon Style by belforcm 

i just need a great tan, cocktails and the sound of waves crashing on the beach!

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