Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{wedding wednesday} our wedding.

happy wednesday! i hope everyone is having a great week, i thought i would use todays wedding post to update everyone on our wedding. as of today we are at the 38 day mark!!! like i mentioned in my previous post things have been calm, cool and collected over here. i think because we have had a longer engagement and i am a super-duper type A person who loves checking things off my 3 wedding to do lists (YES THREE!), things have been getting done, with as little stress as possible.

here is what we have accomplished over the last few months and need to do in the next month:

  • get marriage license
  • purchase wedding rings
  • have first gown fitting
  • order veil
  • finalize head count with venue
  • create seating chart
  • design and order ceremony programs
  • purchase bridal party gifts
  • finalize wedding day timeline
  • purchase guestbook
  • have second gown fitting
  • make escort cars

i think what has really helped us throughout this whole process is breaking things up. it is rare we spend entire weekends only doing wedding things, for the most part i tackle one thing a week, but some weeks nothing gets done at all.

i understand that not every bride has the luxury of planning their wedding over almost two years, and sometimes if you want to get married in 6 months you just have to accept that things need to get done, and fast. but no matter what your wedding planning timeline is, i think my best advice to brides is to...

take a break and step away from your wedding planning and enjoy the rest of your life. it will give you the clarity and energy you need to make it through the process. 

planning a wedding is a fun and exciting time, don't let the stress of perfection ruin that for you and your fiance.


  1. Enjoy this next month, as I'm sure you know how quickly it will fly. You have such a great, relaxed outlook! I was a stressed out mess haha. I can't wait to see pictures from what is sure to be a GORGEOUS wedding!!

  2. Thanks Erin! I am sure you were a great bride, I will definitely be sharing lots of pictures following the big day! Thanks for all your kind word : )