Monday, June 25, 2012

i'm back.

have you missed me?! i have miss you. for those of you who are new to the couture life i am back from my wedding and honeymoon and after 3 of the most amazing weeks of my life, i am happy to be back home and settling back into our new routine as mr. and mrs.

i can't wait to share lots of pictures from the wedding and honeymoon this week and jump right back into baking and cooking up a storm.  also, i have been plotting some home inspiration and room tweaks!

have you been enjoying your summer? hopefully you have taken some time to lay beach/pool side and catch up on reading.

during our honeymoon i knocked out all three 50 shades of grey. it was fantastic! any recommendations for what i should read next?

check back tomorrow for a new recipe and on wednesday for wedding photos!

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