Tuesday, July 17, 2012

perfect monogrammed bag.

i normally carry around a very large purse (some would consider it a suit case). it is no joke, but after stumbling across this gem on pinterest, i think need to consolidate. this gigi new york clutch is amazing!

{source: ben mcdonald via tartan and sequins}

{source: ben mcdonald via tartan and sequins}
i don't know which i love more the nude sand color or the bright royal blue. i don't think you could go wrong with either. and the gold monogram is heaven.

it also comes in fuchsia, orange, black, white and taupe. maybe one of each? which do you love more?

a new matching work bag, wouldn't hurt either. god knows my longchamp is donzo : )

and speaking of shopping, you better run over to piperlime because it is that time of year again! summer sale time!!! my shopping cart is already full of stuff i have been eying all summer. happy shopping!

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