Friday, August 10, 2012

{a week in review} oh what a week.

happy friday! we are done, the condo is empty, cleaned, painted, and ready for our tenants. which also means we are also becoming landlords... wish us luck!

i am excited to finally shift our attention back to our new home. especially since the hubby's birthday is next weekend. in my delusional state (pre move) i decide to have a birthday party/pig roast for him?!?! oh yea and did i mention that tomorrow i fly to dallas for business until wednesday?!?!

what was i thinking?

i have lots of lists and a plan. it will all get done and in the end be a blast.

why is it that whenever i already have a very full calendar/ to do list i somehow feel the need to add on? good thing he is worth it!

have a great weekend!


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