Thursday, August 23, 2012

{home} guest bath plan.

happy thursday! we have been busy working away around the house, unpacking and in my typical fashion, i have been planning out our next projects. matt is a saint for putting up with all of my "projects" that become his projects. but this project i am determined to do all myself, the guest bathroom update.

it is really more of a cosmetic upgrade, besides swapping out a light fixture, painting walls and and replacing old fixtures the bones of the bathroom out good, the tiling is pretty new, and the vanity is in good shape.  we would like to eventually swap out the vanity top of marble or granite, but that may be anyother year or so.

here is my plan.

i have been having issues with paint colors. i think the real issue is, i have too many choices and they are all only slight different. right now i am leaning towards a favorite, benjamin moores edgecomb grey.

my plan is to paint this weekend, and get the mirror and light fixture hung. real pictures to come!

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