Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{weekend in review} travel and birthday.

brace yourself for pictures. i am terrible lately about taking and then uploading pictures. so this past week i was determined to capture my work trip and matt's birthday weekend as much as possible.

i succeeded at taking tons of pictures in dallas, but failed at taking pictures of matt's birthday party. there was too much booze for photo taken : )

first up my work trip to dallas.

rocking the burgundy and gold in dallas.

big & rich performed.

got to visit fair park for the closing ceremony party.

and what isn't a dallas photo tour without dessert.

i couldn't resist the carousel, who can?

oh did i mention vanilla ice performed.  completely random and awesome.

this "water feature" was actually a women.

and the best part about traveling is coming home to this little man.

then off into the country i went to pick up porky for our pig roast. (i don't recommend taking photos while driving, i clearly don't practice what i preach.)

and what better way to end a birthday weekend, but with a little alan jackson.

it was a ridiculous whirlwind week, but worth every second of it.

and tomorrow i am so excited to finally give you a glimpse at our wedding pictures. and i know i am biased but it was worth the wait!!

have a happy tuesday!

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