Monday, October 15, 2012

{a weekend in review} fall bliss.

happy monday! i am excited to report i had a super productive weekend and have lots of projects to share with you from the weekend this week. I love starting the week knowing I took full advantage of the weekend and accomplished a lot.

When I was cleaning and painting rooms and doors i was looking after these three babes.

and watching a lot of this.

we just started watching homeland so we are playing catch up. which i love because it means watching episode after episode whenever we want. we are hooked!

and i made lots of trips to here

lots of projects call for supplies, and since i am never one to go to the store and get everything i need at once, projects require multiple trips to our local home depot.

it was a fabulous weekend, though i am actually disappointed to wake up this morning and have it be so warm. what happened to the fall weather?


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