Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the good kind of wrinkles.

lets first talk about what you will not be getting today. today you will not be getting glimpses at house projects in progress. stylish fall clothes. awesome etsy finds. or tasty recipes.

what will you be getting, you may be wondering?

well puppies. last night we were knee deep in wrinkles and i just couldn't break myself away to write a post. so today you are getting puppies.

not so bad right?

Photo: Double Trouble aka Otis and Moose


and for those of you wondering... two puppies are you insane? otis (left) is ours, and moose (right) will be going to live with my mother in-law, he is just keeping his brother company until then.

i am even happier to report buckley likes them, after alot of watching and observing last night, he actually started playing with them this morning. it made me a happy mommy knowing my boys are going to be best friends.

more pictures to come! have a happy hump day!


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