Monday, November 19, 2012

{thanksgiving} thankful for.

{source: cotton flowers letter press }

as i get older, i find myself cherishing thanksgiving more and more. it is unbelievable to watch the tragedies of the world unfold around us and not to be thankful for the beautiful life i have surround by such amazing people.

this year's thanksgiving is bittersweet for my family since not all of us will be able to be together, but because of that i am even more thankful for the moments when we are all together, the memories we have shared, and the memories we will make.

i am thankful that i have been blessed to have amazing in-laws that have accepted me as part of their family.

i am thankful for a job i enjoy.

i am thankful for an amazing husband who supports me regardless.

i am thankful for all the opportunities i have in life.

i am thankful for the best parents a girl could ever dream of.

what are you thankful for this thanksgiving? for everyone traveling this thanksgiving, travel safely!

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