Monday, November 5, 2012

where did 2012 go?

can we talk for a minute about what happened to 2012? seriously it is already november and i am still thinking about all the things i wanted to accomplish this year....

just to give myself a little credit we did get married this year which was are primary focus for more than half of the year, but still. i am in shock that the year is almost over.

with the holidays around the corner i know things are going to REALLY start flying by. i dont know how i feel about 2013 yet... saying 2013 (or typing) just feels weird.

i am determined not to let the next two months go by without taking advantage of them to the fullest and enjoying the simple moments. over the next two months i will:
  • take more walks with our pups
  • read more
  • paint my nails more often
  • sit down with tea and read magazines
  • break up chores daily so they don't snowball
  • run more
  • watch movies and drink wine with the hubs.
oh how perfect life would be if i could do at least two of these things daily.

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