Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{resolutions} daily goals and to dos.

happy new years friends! can you believe it is 2013? to kick off the new year right i started reading the happiness project yesterday, it seemed like a good first step in a new year. i am loving it and hope to share my experience along the way.

in terms of big goals for 2013, i like the concept found in the happiness project to focus every month on little milestones that will ultimately make me a better and happier person in 2013.

but in terms of planning 2013, i have hit a round bump. i have had the same coach planner for 8 years, i bring it everywhere and it contains my to dos, schedule, appointments, address book and other odds and ends i need. well coach decided to throw a wrench in things and discontinue the size that fits my planner.

so thus i start 2013 planner-less. it feels bizarre, normally these first couple of days i spending adding birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries to the crisp new pages of the years planner. so until i find the perfect replacement i am thinking i need these notepads from lifes a journal. are they not awesome?!

{source} lifes a journal
any suggestions on planners? i am loving one from kate spade but am hesitant to commit just yet.

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