Monday, February 25, 2013

oscar highs and lows.

happy monday! did anyone else attempt to stay up and watch the entire academy awards and give up and go to bed? i just couldn't keep my eyes open for the entire thing, but i did get to see the most important parts...the red carpet.

before i go into that i have to say i thought seth macfarlane was fabulous, i have already heard some reviews of people saying he was tooo "edgy" for the academy awards but i thought he was hysterical and he played off any not so well received jokes so well. not to mention who knew he could sing?

anyway on to fashion...

first up some of the worst (in my opinion) of the night

anne hathaway- the dress cut, style, color was just all wrong for me. i know this dress is very "her" but i just think she could have worn something more age appropriate and elegant. i was just not feeling it.

salma hayek- i don't know what i hated more the velvet, the collar or the weird tiara thing in her hair. she just really missed the mark and had too much going on.

zoe saldana- i get it she took a risk, but there was just was too much going on with this dress. the top was beautiful, i loved the floral applique  but the ombre bottom lost me. maybe it was the cut of the bottom or just the ombre all together but it was off.

kristen stewart- i actually don't hate the dress but it just didn't do anything for her. the color was wrong for her skin tone and her hair, makeup and jewelry did nothing to try to bring it all together. i wish she would try harder.

and for my top 5 leading ladies of the evening....

jessica chastain- she screamed old hollywood i loved the beautiful but subtle detailing of her dress. she looked flawless from head to toe.

jennifer lawrence- she looked so elegant, the dress really was understated on top but so dramatic on the bottom. she looked every bit of the oscar winner she was.

sandra bullock- i am not a huge fan of her, but i did love this dress. the detailing was amazing. i only she she would change up her hair she wears the same straight locks for every ceremony and it is getting old.

kerry washington- the color was beautiful and the beading on the bodice really made the dress stand out over the rest. she looked stunning.

noami watts- i have to say i think she was my favorite of the evening. the dress was classic and edgy and fitted her beautifully, she always makes it looking so easy.

what did you think of the oscars? did you love seth macfarlane or think his jokes were tasteless? who was your best and worse dressed?

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