Wednesday, February 20, 2013

{weekend highlights} proud army sister.

over the past weekend matt and i were so honored and excited to head to ny state to welcome home my brother from a year long deployment. it was amazing to watch the ceremony honoring the soldiers that took place on saturday and be in room surrounded by other families and friends that shared in the same experience as my family did this past year.

it was a very long year but all that seemed to melt away and disappear as we welcomed him and his unit home.

{airport welcome home party- from left to right: my sister in-law, the hubby, my dad and mom}
{he's back!!}

{group shot- thank you to the lady who took this photo}

{justin being honored with a bronze star}

and after the ceremony was done we celebrated the rest of the weekend like my family always does...drinking and eating way too much!

welcome home justin! we missed you and are so happy to have you back in the states with us safe and sound!

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