Monday, March 11, 2013

{our next home} update + design ideas.

happy monday! i have mentioned a couple times that our plan is to buy a new house, something with more room to grow and has some long term potential. it won't be our forever home, but i have come to terms with that, which was a huge realization that came with lots of frustration and i will admit tears from me.

we bought our current condo when were were babies, i was about to turn 24 and my then boyfriend, now husband was 25. purchasing our first place all on our own in the dc metro area at such a young age is a HUGE accomplishment, but for some reason at the time it didn't seem like such a big deal. i feel because of that i had the expectations that our next home would be our forever home, you know the one you will live for 30+ years.

as some of you may know, we decided to rent the condo and move out back in july after we got the opportunity to purchase a home from the hubby's family. well, after a few months and many discussions we decide in november that the situation wasn't going to work out as we envisioned, which brings us to today, and on the market to buy a new home. of course there are some details that need to be resolved, one we need to sell the condo in order to buy our next home, and we have tenants.

while the only thing that will help resolve both issues is simply time, we have been looking, narrowing down locations, getting finances in order and the hope is by the end of the summer the condo will be sold and we will be under contract on our next home. fingers crossed.

so that brings me to now and spending way to much time at night dreaming of how i will transform our next home. yesterday, i decided to throw together a little design board for our next family room, it had been floating around my mind for weeks and i needed to get it down and "see" it pulled together. we will be getting rid of or using the furniture we currently have in different parts of the house and getting new stuff. here is what i am thinking...

{our next home} family room.

obviously it will be accessorized and lighting needs to be added but i really just wanted to work through the furniture. i am still not sold on the coffee table, but the hubby prefered this one so as of now that is what we are going with.

do you spend way to much time planning spaces you don't yet live in? or your perfect room?

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