Wednesday, April 3, 2013

a perfect marriage: wallpaper and powder rooms.

i never thought i would be the person obsessed with wallpaper,though i don't think i would be brave enough to pick a beautiful bold patterned paper for my living room or master bedroom, there is something so intriguing about lining a perfect little powder room with an unexpected pop of pattern.

since this article from sums up my feelings perfectly, and they can say it so much better than me i will let them do the talking.

even with a small space that is easy to change up, the image of removing wallpaper makes me a tad bit nervous. would i get sick of it and go mildly insane tearing sheets of wallpaper off the wall one day after work?

the idea of "faux" wallpapering is very intriguing and but sounds crazy tedious. and lets face it, sometimes i get impatient and want things to transform themselves overnight. but the idea of stenciling on a pattern that gives the look of wallpaper with the ease of repainting when i grow old of it sounds awesome.

amy's powder room transformation with a sharpie is crazy impressive and so is mandi's.

so what do you think? killer wallpaper or DIY friendly sharpie stencil? both add big impact to a small space.

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