Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{recipe} grilled tilapia with avocado salsa.

so i mentioned that the hubs and i decided a few weeks ago to give up meet, and now that we are officially on week 3 i feel like i have adjusted and can start sharing some of the new recipes i have been trying.

first let me say, i love(d) salmon. for the last 20 something years of my life salmon was my go to fish. luckily for me, the hubs loved it to, but boy have things changed. i don't know what it is but lately all the salmon we have been eating just tastes super fishy and just not appealing. so we have moved on from salmon and now are frequently eating tilapia, which we love and i am having fun mixing things up and trying new dishes. i am not breaking up with salmon forever but for now we are on a "break".

only recently did i come across christina's blog carolina charm, but i am already smitten and her grilled tilapia with avocado salsa recipe is amazeballs.

since she did such an amazing job at documenting the recipe step by step i am letting her take the lead. jump on over here to get the recipe. it is perfect!

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