Monday, June 3, 2013

{our next home} the family room.

hello, i am back and i am so excited to start finally diving into our new house that is currently being built as we speak. since we bought a new construction townhome and are waiting for construction to be complete so we can move in, i have what seems like all the time in the world to plan decor. seriously i am sure matt is over talking about tables, chairs, light fixtures and couches. but before you start feeling bad for him, he is getting a new tv out of the deal and his own fridge for beer, so not all is lost.

we have been slowly selecting furniture, making purchases and selling the furniture that isn't making the move on craiglists.

so before i go into what we have already bought/selected, here is my updated design of what will become our family room.

{our next home} family room.

with the whole house, i am going for lots of texture with a neutral palette, creams, greys, browns, and blacks with pops of colors.

what is obviously missing from my mock up is a tv and media console and accessories, but don't worry they will be there.i am totally obsessed with the room, matt likes it alot, but he would be happier without the cow hide rug, we will see in time who wins that battle (i am predicting me).

this room is open concept and opens to the dining/kitchen area so many of the finishes and textures we use here will be brought into those spaces as well.

the exciting part about new construction is that we have a completely blank slate to make our own, at the same time that is the scariest part of the whole thing. i am so excited to see everything come together.

next up to share with you guys.... the kitchen/dining area and our master bedroom plan.

happy monday!

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