Monday, July 1, 2013

welcome july + weekend recap.

it is finally starting to feel like summertime, and i am in shock it is already july! which makes me super excited to think that next month we will be moving in our new home! we are trying to keep ourselves pretty busy, in hopes that this month will fly by as fast as the last few have been.

we spent this past weekend, checking in on the townhouse, trying out a new restaurant in our new neighborhood and visiting friends at their new home on saturday and sunday. all of which resulted in drinking way to much sangria and enjoying myself a little too much, which equals a rough monday morning, but it was all worth it.

i made this green apple sangria recipe which was amazing! i used peaches and green apples since that is what i had handy, but honestly i think any fruit would work.

{image source}
i should have doubled the recipe, since even the boys decided to have some, it was tasty and perfect for a hot day.

by the time we headed home on sunday evening even the boys were exhausted from playing with their puppy friends. they melt my heart.

we are having a low key fourth of july since i just started a new job, i have to work on the 5th but as soon as friday after work hits we are off to a friends lake house for the weekend. any big plans for the holiday?


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