Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ikea Finds with Designer Appeal: Curtains

It is amazing as we grow up how life comes full circle, case and point, Ikea.

When I moved into my first off campus apartment in college my ENTIRE bedroom was furnished from Ikea but as I "grew up" and graduated I swore when I had a place of my own it would only be filled with adult furniture. Then when Matt and I bought our condo,  I stayed true to my feelings and held out from making an trips to Ikea.

Now, in our second home I am starting to shop smarter, which means more mixing high and low items to make a unique and balanced look. When I say I am shopping "smarter" it means I know when to splurge, when to look for a good bargain, when it is worth it to shop at higher end stores and when it is time to run off to Ikea.

Ikea has some amazing finds and even more amazing are the prices. So over the next few weeks I will be rounding up my favorite Ikea products that are silly buying anywhere else.

Now first lets chat about curtains....

Curtains can be extremely expense for one panel and I don't know anyway who only needs one panel.  Now times that one panel by 2 to outfit one window and then times that number by the number of windows in a room.... and you get where I am going with this. To buy new curtains for an entire room/space can get CRAZY pricey fast.

That's where Ikea comes in, Ikea offers a great selection in 100% cotton or linen in a variety of styles. I personally prefer to stick with classic curtains that allow a room to evolve over time and don't limit you as styles change.

My favorite:

AINA ($49.99)

source: rosa beltran design

RITVA ($34.99)

source: house tweaking

Want to give your curtains a unique look? Add trim or ribbon to finish them off and make them custom to your room.

source: so haute


In our home I opted for the aina curtains through out, literally I used them in every room. The white linen looked perfect layered over woven shades to add texture and extra privacy. Since I saved so much on the curtains I did splurge on nicer curtain rods and hardware from west elm to really make a statement.

Excuse the iphone picture : )

Have you used ikea curtains in your own home? I would love to hear how you styled them to make them your own!

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