Friday, June 17, 2011

refreshing rosé

ever since going to  the purple pig in chicago this past april i have been hooked on rosé or "blush" wine. i don't know if it is the fabulous pink color, or the fruity crisp flavor but it is just perfect. so i have been doing some research and educating myself about my new obsession, here is what i found:

flavor profile of rosé wine.
the flavors of rosé wines tends to be more subtle versions of their red wine varietal counterparts. the fruit expectations lean towards strawberry, cherry, and raspberry with some citrus and watermelon presenting on a regular basis.

when to drink pink?
rosés are perfect for spring and summer, as they are served chilled and can be a refreshing accompaniment to a variety of warm weather fare. rosé wines also top the charts for food-friendly versatility. so, if you are opting for "surf 'n turf" rest assured that a rosé can handle both the seafood and the steak in one fell sip. it's also a great picnic wine, as it tends to have both a lighter body and more delicate flavors on the palate, presenting a great wine partner for a ham, chicken or roast beef sandwich, along with a fruit, potato or egg salad and can even handle a variety of chips and dips. rosés are also the perfect guest for a backyard barbecue, tackling hamburgers, hot dogs and even french fries and ketchup with ease.

in a nut shell, it is perfect with EVERYTHING, great for summer ( i.e. NOW).  what was i thinking not jumping on the wagon sooner? maybe it was the similar color to boxed wine that made me cautious (all the jmu memories of our many boxes of wine). the important thing is, it is definitely on my list of essentials now.

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