Friday, August 12, 2011

happy friday.

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happy friday! did you survive your week? shockingly, despite a rough start to on monday and tuesday, the rest of the week flew by and was fantastic. i completely believe in you get what you put into things, and carry that belief over to ones outlook on life. if you stay positive, happy, focused and work hard things are sure to pleasantly work out in the end.

to recap my week over here, despite struggling through the work day on monday i came home and knocked out 5 miles and a 40 minute weight session; tuesday we headed to wolftrap (the best venue ever, you can bring your own alcohol and food in!) to see the steve miller band. the rest of the week, my mind seemed to be focused mostly on wedding stuff. case and point, i forgot my workout gear at work on tuesday, wednesday and then again yesterday! i still ran, however in my old sneakers which had long been retired, but the worse was running without my watch and ipod. the time i kept thinking, am i running too fast? too slow? this is about one...two...three miles right? it is amazing how dependent i have become on technology. by the end of my run yesterday, i was finally starting to enjoy the simplicity of running sans technology and just enjoying the beautiful weather. is there one piece of technology you can't live without?

happy friday!

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