Tuesday, September 20, 2011

because everyone needs a bulldog.

                                     Source: flickr.com via Caitlin on Pinterest

happy tuesday! my apologize for the late post. since last night i was slaving away working on our save the dates, and being monday night and all, matt was glued to the laptop monitoring fantasy football. so needless to say, i did not get a chance to upload my recent pictures from my hallway revamp over the weekend. so i wanted to share something way better than paint colors, this adorable bulldog.

though this isn't the famous buckley, i had to share it with everyone! who doesn't need a bulldog in a mailbox?!?! buckley and i certainly would die if we found a bulldog in our mailbox. (hint hint matt... though i don't think peta would approve so a big bow would be welcome as well!) i hope everyone is having a good week, i am so excited about how our save the dates are coming out fantastic and i can't wait to drop them in the mail tomorrow and share pictures with everyone!

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