Wednesday, September 21, 2011

{wedding wednesday} cakespiration.

i am so eager to share with you our save the dates, which i happily personally delivered to the post office this morning, but i do not want to ruin the surprise for our guests, so that post will have to wait until next week.

in the meantime, i thought i would take this opportunity to blog about something near and dear to my heart... CAKE! booking a baker for our wedding cake is the last thing that needs to be crossed off our vendor to do list. i was clearly saving the best for last, i mean seriously who wouldn't love to taste cake, cake and well more cake. so while i have been gathering names of potential bakers (side note: i don't know why but i feel like the term "baker" doesn't do what these people do justice, they should be called "caker extraordinaires" or something equally as fancy! ...just saying) i have also been trying to collect every photo of cakes i love. of course, i run them all buy matt and since i want to go with a simple more monochromatic scheme he is quick to approve. here are just a few of the fabulous cakes i have been swooning over!

i love the texture these stylish cakes have! who knew texture on a cake made such a statement.
                                      Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest

classic white buttercream, with silver ribbon with a beautiful pink peony edible flower (you might have notice these details in my previous posts here and here).
                                     Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest

what is not to love. monochromatic, tones of texture and how can you take your eyes off of the lace detail, it is so intricate.
                                     Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest

i am sure you are starting to see the pattern here... a whole lot of texture and lots of white and i fall in love. it doesn't take much to win this girls heart.
                                   Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest

i love the clean smooth lines that a cake with fondant creates and again the silver ribbon detail is the perfect compliment to our wedding details
                              Source: None via Caitlin on Pinterest

how is a girl supposed to choose a flavor when they can't decide on a style?!? this is going to be my most enjoyable decision yet : )

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