Thursday, September 22, 2011

color change.

when we bought our condo back in march 2010, i loved the colors (and i still love the colors) throughout the rooms. i wish i had the names of the colors to share but i don't. so i will do my best to describe them; the living room is a golden yellow, the kitchen a terracotta brown, hallway clean  sterile white, guest bedroom (which they used as a child's room) was blue with nemo fish painted on the walls, bathroom soft grey and the master bedroom a sage green. since moving in we have painted the guest bedroom (within days) to a dark blue (matt's pick, i am still having a love hate relationship with the color), the bathroom has now been painted twice, first a dark green (we both hated it, but didn't change it for months) and currently it is what was supposed to be a soft blue-grey but reads like a bright light blue, and lastly the master bedroom which we actually painted a color in our previous room so we know we loved it (the only room which i still love the color).

now that we have lived there for awhile and i have gotten a feel for the space, i want and need to repaint. when i told matt this i thought his head was going to explode (no joke). he just doesn't understand painting is the easiest and most affordable way to transform a room (he needs to start needing more blogs people). so here is the plan for fall/winter; repaint every room, expect the master. don't get me wrong i L-O-V-E color, but in a condo where space is limited, having every room a different color, is making the rooms feel disjointed, and making our condo feel smaller than it really is. along the way i want to repaint all the trim with fresh glossy white paint, and then work on transforming our built ins in our "dining area" (more on that another time). for matt's sanity i am not doing this over one weekend, but plan on doing it over a few months and hopefully finishing before christmas (because christmas is about christmas trees, lights and decorations who cares about wall colors when i have a christmas tree!).

so over the weekend while matt was at a bachelor party, i was given the green light to paint the hallway. before it was white, not an off white or something amazing, it was just plain old sterile white. the beautiful crown molding blended into the walls and ceiling, it was very uneventful and blah.

see i wasn't joking, like i said sterile and VERY white. in the picture above you can also see the terracotta color that transitioned into the kitchen, which i also decided needed to go.

these pictures were taken before we moved in, so the glimpse of the green wall in the master bedroom is now glidden's dapper tan, or as matt and i affectionately call it "dapper dan".

so before matt left, i bought samples, and happily painted squares on the walls, my thought once the paint samples are up he has to let me move forward with painting (i am sneaky i know). we ended up going with glidden's sandy white which i am now obsessed with and highly recommended. it is amazing what a little color can do to a space, in my case our hallway. 

 the wall to the left is the same color but the shadow has it reading a share or two darker here.

i also moved this mirror, from our bedroom to the hall. it was just screaming for more attention. and yes, that is a picture of buckley in sunglasses, what can i say he is a rock star.

i would officially say my weekend painting was a complete success! i was so relieved  that when matt came home he loved it as much as i do, and agreed it was such an improvement. the only problem, if you would call it a problem, is that i love it so much it really makes me dislike the rest of the paint colors that remain from the previous owners. so i plan on continuing my little paint-a-thon one wall at a time until we have officially repainted everything to my our liking. next up, painting over the rest of the terracotta paint in the kitchen with the same sandy white paint used in the hallways.

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