Saturday, October 22, 2011

buckley and his pumpkin.

happy weekend! i am prepping to go to a pumpkin carving party this afternoon and matt is off golfing for the morning, so it has been a quiet morning around here.  last sunday after coming back from getting our pumpkins buckley took to one pumpkin in particular, buckley has this way about him when he knows something doesn't belong or things are out of place.  for example, if a neighbors garage is open and it is normally close buckley stops and stares, when holiday decorations come out he ruins his day week, if matt puts the pillows from the bed in the wrong place, buckley will sit up all night giving the pillows the evil eye. these are the little things we love about him, and keeps us laughing. click the video below to see buckley talking to his pumpkin (aka telling the pumpkin why are you here and where did you come from?).

happy a great weekend!

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