Tuesday, October 4, 2011

for the love of running.

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for the past 6 months of so i really have kicked my running up a notch, trying to log between 15-20 miles a week. and then there was september, running just wasn't in the cards.  the month started off with a trip to san fran, which just killed my routine and left me exhausted for most of the beginning of the month.  i did pack my running gear and had hopes of squeezing in at least a run or two but that wasn't happening (i always pack my workout clothes, rarely use them). then came the rain, and more rain and then more rain. after my exhausting start to the month, it was just the excuse i was looking for not to run.  so by the end of the month i was getting in about 12 miles a week, which felt pointless and pathetic in my mind, but i guess it counts for something.

but yesterday i had what you might call a running breakthrough. though it was cold and still damp it had finally stopped raining.  the trails were empty, my ipod was dead so i was running without it (when it dies i seem to go weeks without it before i remember to charge it) and i was running along enjoying the solitude. i enjoyed seeing, nine different fawns and their mom's who could have cared less of my presence. in the end i had effortless cruised along, and knocked out four miles and felt awesome afterword.

running and have what you call a love, hate relationship. i started running back in seventh grade and ran throughout high school and then stopped. i have always enjoyed running, but always lacked confidence running in races.  when i started running again my freshman year of college it was solely to keep the "freshman 15" at bay but it sparked something in me.  i really enjoyed running again.

fast forward to now. i have been running again consistently for about a year and a half, and within the last six months have really been trying to push myself to increase my distance. yesterday really reminded me how much i love running, enjoy the opportunity to take a break in my day, reflect and have a hour of solitude from the world. it is no longer something i do for the physical benefits (though they are nice) it really is something that i need mentality. that runners high after knocking out six+ miles is amazing.

i believe that everyone has their "running", whether it is walking, painting, or reading. everyone has a way in which they can mentally disconnect form the world and really escape. no matter how busy life is, how exhausted you are physically, i truly believe that it is imperative to take a mental break from the world.

enjoy your tuesday!

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