Thursday, October 6, 2011

25@25 update.

happy thursday! yesterday was my half birthday and with that it is time to recap where i stand on my 25@25. for those who weren't following my blog on day two of its creation, jump back and time and check out my 25@25 post. so here is where is currently stand and my plans for the fall:

1. create and launch blog: done, done and done!
2. volunteer for a day: i have some plans for volunteering at a soup kitchen this winter!
3. ski dive: i have been thinking about this often (probably more than any item on my list) but haven't jumped yet : (
4. read one book a month: well, i have been reading often, but slowly. right now on my nook, born to run, which i hope to finish on the plane this weekend. next up hunger games
5. organize a girls weekend: we have taken lots of trips, but no girls weekend yet.
6. run more often and consistently: i have be killing this one! i am by far the most proud of myself on this one, hopefully i will continue to rock it the next six months.
7. take three classes/workshops: one done, two to go. i am thinking a blogging workshop, and possibly some type of art class for my next two.
8. try forty new recipes: i am well on my way to blowing this one out of the water. 26 down! check out the recipes for all 26 here.
9. make pillow covers: who knew choosing the fabric would be harder than making the pillows. once i finally select the perfect fabric, i will begin stitching away. this will make a great fall/winter project.
10. spend a day visiting museums: over memorial day weekend my brother, sister in-law, matt and i headed into dc for the afternoon and checked out several great museums.
11. see my parents more: thanks to wedding planning and my mom's surprise birthday trip to sedona.
12. get a message: not yet, but it is in the cards people!
13. send a surprise package: this has crossed my mind on several occasions, and i have decided to not decide who it will go to but rather wait until i come across the perfect item, which will tell me who it should go to.
14. plant a garden and keep it alive: this one gets a huge check! as mentioned throughout many summer posts and specifically featured here.
15. attend church every month: well to be honest we have failed at this one, since we have been traveling so much we haven't been here on many sunday mornings, hopefully that will change this fall.
16. have a picnic: we enjoyed a nice picnic during a summer concert at wolf trap.
17. go to a flea market: not yet, but hopefully this fall.
18. reupholster a piece of furniture: i am itching to try my hand at this, but sadly i haven't yet.
19. go camping: we are big camping people, and have gone twice this summer, and enjoyed lots of s'mores both times!
20. buy fresh flowers once a month: check!
21. take pilates class: running has become my obsession again, so hopefully with the cooler months this will be great!
22. organize our closet: guest closet done, and we have been discussing ideas for our master closet, but that is on hold until after the wedding.
23. talk to those i love more: check!
24. take a road trip: my co-pilot (buckley) and i will be headed to alabama the end of this month!
25. paint a picture: perfect indoor activity for this fall/winter, plus we desperately need art work for our bedroom!

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