Monday, October 10, 2011

{weekend highlights} into america's heartland.

happy monday! i hope many of you are enjoying an extra long weekend like we are. over the weekend we headed to "america's heartland" to celebrate the wedding of two amazing people. we could not have been more excited to share the weekend with them. after a long day traveling back to virginia yesterday, we were excited to pick up buckley and relax for the evening. for me that meant watching, kim's fairytale wedding (i know, what you are thinking but i couldn't resist). and for matt it was all about catching up on football.

we are looking forward to a relaxing monday and this afternoon we are going for our first cake tasting, which i am super excited about (because clearly i love cake). here is a sneak peak at a few of my photos from the weekend.

ok so let me take a moment to say, these things just disturbed me i do not know what it was but i felt like i was in a scifi movie and they were about to lift off.

 waiting for the mr. & mrs. after the ceremony.

 view of the illonios river from the reception venue. perfect day for a wedding.

 enjoying the illonios sunset.

perfect end to a great weekend. congratulations peter and leslie!

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