Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{around the house} fall project.

happy tuesday! it was great having the day to relax yesterday! we had our first cake tasting at this fabulous pastry shop in alexandria that has wonderful cakes and there wedding cakes didn't disappointed either. we were really happy with everything we tried but walked out with two top contenders. for once i was so happy to have a vendor tell us to take our time and we have plenty of time to make a decision before securing them. i was shocked (in a great way) normally with wedding planning it has been my experience that if you find a great vendor book them, before someone else does. so i am glad to know we found a great option who assured us they would be available on our day and to take our time.

we plan on checking out  tasting more cakes : ) at a couple of more places before making any final decisions, but it is safe to say there is some tough competition.

since we have a few free weekends this month (yipppee!) it is time to address a project that has been on my mind for awhile... our built-ins. our "dining area" has these nice little built- in shelves that currently display pictures, decorative accessories and a few books (that have been laying on their sides since the earthquake in august). the white paint on the shelves, is not true white and needs a fresh coat of glossy white paint.

when we first moved in the thought was the shelves needed to be framed out more with molding, but after of coming across these inspiration shots i am starting to dream big!

                      Source: bellemaison23.com via Caitlin on Pinterest

                                  Source: bellemaison23.com via Caitlin on Pinterest
                            Source: la-belle-vie.tumblr.com via Caitlin on Pinterest

so the new plan is:
  • remove the current wood shelves
  • paint the trim a glossy white paint to match rest of molding
  • wallpaper or stencil back of shelves
  • add new glass shelving
  • create a nice bar/liquor display area
  • swap out the light fixture (i already have my eye on the replace for the less than desirable one there now)

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