Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{workout dvd review}

i have been using personal training with jackie: power circuit training for about six months now on an off.  mostly it is my go to when it is raining, or i just don't feel up for going for a run. over the past few months i have been getting a lot better about integrating weights and cardio (normally i am an all cardio kind of girl). since there are tons of workout videos out there it can be miserable trying to decide about the "40 minute cardio burn", or the "extreme train" workout i wanted to share with everyone my experience:

length: you can do a 40 minute full body workout, or target a specific muscle group for a 15 minute workout.

pros: The dvd features five workout options: 15-minute total body circuit, 40-minute total-body circuit, 15-minute abs-only circuit, 15-minute upper-body circuit and 15-minute lower-body circuit. i love the fact you can get a great full body workout in 40 minutes, or after a long run i can just knock out arms in 15 minutes.  another perk to me is not need tons of equipment, the only equipment needed is a set of hand weights, i prefer 5 lbs. weights but it is completely up to your comfort level. the pace is perfect, and keeps me engaged, breaking a sweat without feeling like i am struggling to keep up. on the moves that are a little more difficult jackie offers modifications to help you along.

you can't beat the price, i picked mine up while in best buy for about $10!

cons: beware, if you aren't used to lifting this dvd will leave you very sore (which also means it is working) so take it slow and don't push yourself too hard.

have you been trying out any workout dvds lately? i would love to know which ones you recommend or ones i should avoid. next up for me to try is the insanity workout, i will let you know what i think!

**my reviews of this dvd are completely my own based on my experiences.

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