Thursday, October 27, 2011

road trip ya'll! headed south.

my copilot (buckley) and i are headed south to alabama yesterday morning. we are excited finally get here and to visit my parents for a long weekend, shop for mother of the bride dresses, relaxing for me and lots of playing, sleeping, and taking truck rides with grandpa for buckley.

not to gloat or anything...but i am a road trip pro. i mastered long drives, usually solo going back and forth between jmu and ct when i was in college and i have it down pat. now i just drive the opposite direction on 81 and head south, really a piece of cake (expect when it is a sunday and the only thing on the radio is nascar=misery, sorry nascar fans the only thing worse than watching cars drive around a track is listening to it).

happy a happy halloween weekend!

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