Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy belated halloween.

happy belated halloween folks! though i was back in virginia for halloween i was too wiped out last night to think about blogging a late post. but the trip to alabama was worth the long drive then some.  there is nothing like going home to your parents house no matter how old you are.  time always goes by way to fast when i am there. it was fun to shop with my mom for her mother of the bride dress, which we found and ordered! it is amazing and she looks absolutely stunning in it! my parents hosted a small get together with their friends, so i of course jumped at the chance to try a new recipe on the group (which was received with rave reviews)...i will share it later this week! of course i made them dinner, so my dad could try out some of the recipes i have featured on the blog (which is doesn't follow...he is just too cool for blogs people...) mostly we just relaxed, talked wedding and enjoyed a long weekend! it was great! buckley will be sleeping for the next week or two recovering from all the excitement. 

i can't wait for christmas to head back down with buckley and matt in tow, and be joined by the rest of the family!

                            Source: eyecandyeventdetails.blogspot.com via Tonya on Pinterest

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