Monday, October 17, 2011

{weekend recap} fall in virginia.

happy monday! i can't believe the weather finally cleared up on friday afternoon and the weekend could not have turned out more perfect. it is really starting to feel like fall in northn virginia and i love that we are taking every advantage of it. on saturday, we headed out to clifton to visit the paradise winery. matt had bought a livingsocial deal for a wine tasting which we have been meaning to use for awhile now. the whole ride out reminded me of the back roads throughout connecticut, i never knew such places existed in fairfax county.

winding roads to the vineyard (a little blury-sorry)

my driver : )

has to be one of the oldest texaco signs i have ever seen. historic clifton
adorable vineyard
on sunday, my priority was pumpkins, matt's was football. but we did manage to squeeze in both and still recover from the night before. buckley tagged along to pick out his own pumpkin this year, and managed to make a few friends while we were there. after surveying all of our options we grabbed three large pumpkins (two perfect for carving, and one for matt's dad), two medium ones and two adorable little gourdish like ones for table decor.

while matt paid for our goods i attempted to poise buckley in the pumpkin patch. he was not having it, and more distracted with the people walking by than me pointing my camera at him.

of course the leash didn't help the situation either.

our goods, a successful pumpkin harvest : )

we are all set for the pumpkin carving party we are attending this saturday, hopefully i will be able to resist cutting into our pumpkins until then.

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