Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{wedding wednesday} the search for the perfect dress...for your girls.

happy wednesday! sorry for my delayed post today, but in involved gorgeous dresses to it is worth waiting for. right after purchasing my wedding dress in may my mind immediately shifted to the five lovely ladies who will be by my side on our wedding day, what would they wear... i seriously think in all i put more time into looking for the perfect bridesmaid dress than i did picking our my own dress. that may seem shocking to some, but think of it this way... i have been shopping for myself for my whole life (give or take a few years when my mom dressed me) so when i was shopping for my wedding dress, i stayed true to who i am, what i love and my personal style. in my heart, i knew when i found my perfect dress because it was me.

fast forward to bridesmaid dress shopping, shopping for another person always has some uncertainty let alone shopping for five women with different tastes, styles and personalities. i must have looked at 100s of dresses (not exaggerating people). here is what i knew i wanted, black, sophisticated, comfortable, classic and affordable.

seems simple right....wrong.

the hardest decision by far was the length, i was leaning towards long, but knew the girls would prefer short. i struggled with this day and night, looked at beautiful long and short dresses alone, and talked to anyone who would listen about the great internal struggle i was having about the length of a dress.  in the end i found the perfect long dress, in silk chiffon so it is light, airy and comfortable (seriously it feels like a maxi dress on).

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest

i think the hardest part was not being able to go shopping with all of my bridesmaids. only being able to share pictures and images was very hard.  especially when many of the pictures don't do the dress justice at all. but in the end we settled on the perfect dress! it is stunning and i know all my bridesmaids will look fabulous in it!

you will just have to wait until june to see them!

here are some the the inspiration shoots i am loving.

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