Thursday, November 10, 2011

{roadtrip} headed north to see pico.

happy thursday! it is a very happy thursday over here today, since we are headed to new york to visit my brother and sister in-law this weekend. it was the perfect day to sleep in this morning, and while i finally got around to putting my sweaters away and packing my little gnocchi opted to sleep in (typical).

since matt had to still wake up and head into the office this morning, buckley kept his pillow warm for him.

yes, buckley sleeps in our bed.

yes, i know some people are cringing at the thought

and no, i don't care.

buckley thinks he is a person, and will have no problem telling you that either. don't worry he did get a bath last night, i finally washed away all that alabama red clay from him.

now he is squeaking clean and ready to visit his cousin pico!

that's the handsome pair on memorial day weekend! pico is the pleaser of the two (clearly) and buckley is the grumpy old man!

while i finish packing and cleaning up around the house before we hit the road this afternoon, buckley has moved from the bed to his post on the couch. clearly he just can't contain his excitement for another roadtrip!

sorry for the blurry iphone pic. but honestly how can you resist that face?

have a great weekend! and see you back here monday to share all the highlights from our weekend in new york!

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