Thursday, December 8, 2011

baby it is cold outside.

happy thursday! today was the first time this winter i broke out my long wool coat and pulled on stockings this morning. it is exciting, because it means it of almost christmas, now if only we see some snow between now and then.  one of the nice things about living in virginia and not connecticut is that snows come and usually goes in about a week. but i would love one big snow storm this year so i can cuddle up inside and drink tea, and play outside in the snow with buckley. now that the weather is getting chilly it really feels like christmas is just around the corner.

i am slowly checking of my gift giving list, watching elf often and admiring our christmas tree ever chance i get. i am off to a holiday party this afternoon and reuniting with former coworkers this evening! oh what a perfect time of year : )

check back tomorrow for a great new dinner recipe, and a peak at our christmas tree!

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