Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{wedding wednesday} 6 months and counting.

i know it has been awhile since my last wedding update and i wish i could say it was because i was checking things off my list at warp speed, but that it not the case.  since i have been slammed at work the past two months, wedding planning had taken a backseat for awhile, but that all changed this past week.

on friday we hit the 6 month mark, which is exciting and stressful all rolled up into one. it is actually the first time in the wedding planning process where i am starting to feel overwhelmed and anxious. matt and i were so lucky to have a long engagement where we took things one at a time and checked things off the list slowly, but the next 6 months i know things will be a bit crazy. i give so much credit to the brides out there who through a wedding together in a few months or even weeks.

we are getting into the phase of wedding planning where it is all about the details. we have lined up an amazing team of vendors (expect the cake but that will be done after christmas) and now it is all about the logistics. table settings, linens, place cards, invitations, favors, menus.... the list goes on and on. i am looking forward to the last 3 months prior to the wedding when the wedding coordinator takes over and i can sit back and relax and watch everything unfold.

a few things that we have recently got accomplished was helping my mom and matt's mom pick out their dresses for the wedding. it is really important to both matt and i that are wedding isn't just all about us, but also an opportunity for our immediate family to celebrate in the experience. and i am happy to report that both mom's picked out dresses that they look absolutely beautiful in!

but the biggest update that occured last night on my drive home from work, was the call i received letting me know my dress way in! i haven't blogged about my dress, and don't plan on doing so prior to the wedding but it is amazing and everything i wanted. after going back and forth between several dresses with my friends, it was amazing to make the final desicion with just my mom and i at the shop.

recently a coworker asked me if when i picked out my dress if i thought at all about if matt would like it. i hadn't, really thought about what he would think besides that he would love whatever i picked out. my thought process is, if you buy a dress that is truely you, and your style on a regular basis your fiance will love it, because they will see you and think wow that is so her, and i love her. so basically my advice to future brides out there would be stay true to who you are and everyone will love your dress on your wedding dress because, it is you.

next week my maid of honor and i will go try my on dress to make sure it is the right dress (imagine if it wasn't?!?!? ok lets not...) and i will finally be able to say i am trying "my" dress on and not a sample that a 100 other women have been in). in january when my parents visit my mom and i will go decide on my veil and accessories and then i will patiently wait a few more months before they begin making an necessary alterations.  i am very relieved that the dress is safely at the bridal shop, not in our apartment for me to worry about, or resist trying it on, over and over again. : )

i look forward to sharing all the exciting details over the next 6 months!

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