Monday, January 9, 2012

making changes in the new year.

happy monday! i have been a busy girl lately, trying to make a few tweaks to the couture life in order to make it more reader friendly in the new year. i am no html expert, but i have been reading up, looking at other blogs i love and i think the few changes i am making now will make a world of a difference.

a print button. 

this is pretty ground breaking, especially for those of you who try to print off recipes from the couture life. hopefully this will make life easier! on all post moving forward the green "printer friendly" can be found on the bottom of every post. so print away!

a navigation bar.
this bar is still in the progress of being developed but my goal is to make the couture life as user friendly as possible, and i think this bar is going to make huge improvements to tracking down recipes and other fun projects quick and easily without having to scroll through countless pages. i hope to have the recipe page complete by the end of the week!

my reading list.

i am a huge reader and am obsessed with my nook and wanted to easily share my reading list and book ratings with readers without having to write a detailed book review posts.  for those who are interested i think this is a great way to share the information! have any good books to share? i am looking for suggestions for some great beach reads for our honeymoon in june! please share!

other things i have in store:
  • the couture life needs some cleaning, as in streamlining tags and content on the sidebars so it is more visually appealing
  • complete the new recipe page here
  • develop more pages, possibly a wedding page and home inspiration page
  • enhance reader interaction
  • possibly some guest posts
i am open to suggestions, let me know how i can improve the couture life for you? what posts do you want to see more/less of?


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